Captain Kit sez…

One person taking one step can make a difference.

Woe to us….

The Saturday Night Live News Update now seems tame in comparison to the real news. Today, we have an Attorney General petulantly admitting that he misspoke in a press conference, as if incompetence is acceptible if you admit to it.

We have the head of the World Bank aggressively promoting his mistress and maxing her pay scale, and refusing to resign in disgrace.

We have a previously top presidential candidate singing to a bouncy Beach Boys tune about bombing a country. His famous temper seems to have decided that if he can’t win the election he can musically tell everyone to shove it.

We have a president who refused to veto a spending bill no matter how outrageously stacked with extras, until it contained language about bringing our troops home.

And that’s just so far this year. It doesn’t include last year’s VP chief of staff going to jail, and the many many many scandals that outraged even voters who never follow politics.

Talk about disarray. I’m sure there are some legitimate Republicans out there who worked very hard to bring forth conservative values. And truly horrified people after 9-11 that wanted action taken. All of them – and the rest of us who wanted terrorists contained but not by this ridiculous exercise in adding to Halliburton’s coffers – deserve better.  But to those who voted for George W. Bush, next time, maybe they should actually look at who they choose to carry their mantle. An ex-drunk, party boy petulant rich kid is probably lacking the substance necessary to pull it off. Just because he has a recognizable last name does not mean he knows what he’s doing.


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